Being an On Call Driver

Being an on call driver for a towing company has its pros and cons…

What does it mean to be on call?

Flat_Bed_Tow_TruckWell… If you’re a tow truck driver, it means you don’t get a lot of privacy. An on call tow truck driver must be available at all times. That means when you’re shopping for your kid’s Christmas present, when you’re sleeping, when you’re in the bathroom, or at a funeral… Unless it’s not your own, you should be ready to roll!

And an on call tow truck driver must have the tools available to perform any job and anytime.  Being on call means that you must plan every activity around the fact that you may be called upon and have to be ready at a moment’s notice.

It’s not easy on the family (that may have some bearing on the high divorce rates among tow truck drivers), but more importantly, it may have an effect on you, the tow truck driver.

Some people seem to think that the reason tow truck drivers are grouchy individuals has to do with exactly that: they just have no set schedule.

And the difference between an ambulance fighter or a firefighter in comparison to a tow truck driver may have to do with the fact that the first two most likely have a pension plan and a retirement date already set in their heads, along with the ease of working 24 hours on, 48 hours off…

So keep that in mind next time you accuse a tow truck driver of being mean or crabby or unfriendly.