Should you have a set price list

A lot of people seem to charge based on their mood at the time of the call…

The same tow service that one day would get a quote of $60, the next day for some reason, goes up to $85 or $90 or even $100…


So why is that?? How would that affect your business?

Well, for one, it’s just not the way to run a business… you don’t charge more just because you can…

I think that it’s bad policy, can get you in more trouble down the line, and… WHY? I mean if you can be profitable at $60, why risk losing the call because you are just “extra greedy” that particular day? It’s certainly not the right way to run a business.

Can you imagine you go to the deli and they charge the person in front of you $5 per pound of ham, but they charge you $6? FOR THE SAME HAM?

That is BAD business manners, bad policy, and it may give you some extra bucks today, we should remember that we are in business for the long haul. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Am I right?