Why a Newer Fleet is Important

As your business grows, and settles in, so does your fleet of tow trucks…

And it comes a point when the balance of how mush money and down time you are spending on a truck that is getting older starts becoming less in your favor…

Sure, having the tow truck paid off is nice… but you should always be looking to renovate and update your fleet.

Take the example of Chris K., owner of Area’s Best Towing in Loves park,


He has a nicely updated fleet, having taken delivery of his most recent 2017 Peterbilt 337,  2 door with air ride, 22.5in Aluminum wheels, a powrful 260HP CUMMINS and a massive 6.7 liter straight 6 Cylinder CUMMINS Diesel engine with automatic transmission. This tow truck is black with a gray interiors.

Chris got it with a full factory warranty, and it has some sweet features, like air conditioning, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, power windows, power door locks, anti-lock breaks… Everything you need to make the 8-12 hours you spend on the road a little more comfortable.